Days ago both Michael Schneider at Variety and Josef Adalian at The Wrap reported Fox would likely dump 24, and that it was being shopped to NBC.  More than a week ago James Hibberd talked to Angela Bromstad and quoted her on NBC’s interest in 24.

But those days ago and week+ ago reports be damned.  It’s Friday March 12, and today that whole story is Michael Ausiello’s EXCLUSIVE.  What a douche nozzle he can be.

It sure seems to me that there’s no new news here.  Fox was already shopping it to NBC and NBC was already at least interested enough to discuss it.  I remain doubtful that Fox will strike a deal with NBC.  The reason Fox isn’t interested in it itself is because of increasing costs and diminishing ratings.  NBC needs to find its own hits rather than riding someone else’s long-in-tooth retreads into the ground.

However, it’s possible Fox (the studio) could cut NBC a sweetheart of a deal that changes my thinking.  One additional reason Fox (the broadcast network) wasn’t interested is it needs that slot after House to try to launch a new series (I think it was Adalian who reported that — it might have been Schneider or Hibberd, too, but it definitely wasn’t Ausiello).

That makes some sense, and 24 was still a relatively strong DVD seller last season.  I don’t see Fox offering it to NBC for dimes on the dollar, but I could see Fox at least discounting it a bit hoping to make it back up in DVD, syndication and any international licensing.

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