I noted back in January that ABC’s woefully rated Better Off Ted already had a futile “Save Our Show’ campaign.

Now Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune gives the campaign some press, while giving some fans false hope.

The article hits all the bases for the fans of doomed shows:

  • Expressions of hope
  • Acknowledgement of bad ratings, but not without a few excuses for  your bingo card.
  • News that the one or more of the actors have been signed to pilots, but that they can come back if the show is renewed.
  • A message of thanks from the show’s creator , but also a suggestion to contact ABC on the shows behalf.
  • Mentions of the save our show campaign’s website, and obligatory online petition.

I understand that fans of the show want it to come back, but its 1.14 adults 18-49 rating average is ABC’s lowest for a scripted show.

For Better Off Ted fans, any hope is false hope.

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