During the quarterly earnings analyst call, CBS chief executive Les Moonves said said that Hawaii Five-0 was poised to become  “a billion dollar franchise for us.”  Deadline Hollywood reports CBS is earning $5 million (!) an episode via the recent syndication deal for the show.

As for Two and a Half Men, I’d still be surprised if it doesn’t come back in some fashion, but at least publicly, Moonves seems less certain than I am. Per Deadline:

In other matters, Moonves says that “there are a lot of moving pieces” with the Warner Bros-produced sitcom Two And A Half Men now that Charlie Sheen is gone, and he doesn’t know whether it will return.

We don’t normally focus on earnings, but CBS reported first-quarter earnings of 29 cents a share. CBS earned 5 cents a share during the same period last year (these numbers are for CBS Corporation, not just the TV network).  Revenue for the quarter was $3.51 billion, down a bit from $3.53 billion last year, but last year CBS had the Super Bowl and this year it didn’t.

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