As this excerpt notes, I had  also read that the press conference originally would be at 9pm Eastern, but now it’s scheduled for 8pm. That takes NBC off the hook from pre-empting a new America’s Got Talent. I wonder how and why the time was set and then changed. NBC (and perhaps ABC) balked at the 9pm time, so the White House moved the time to 8pm.

CBS, NBC and ABC say they will televise the press conference from president Obama Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET. Fox will not be airing the conference and will be sticking to its previously scheduled episode of So You Think You Can Dance. That is the same plan the networks had for President Obama’s last primetime presser in April. Fox’s cable news outlets, Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network, will air the press conference in its entirety.

The conference was originally scheduled for 9 p.m., which would have preempted the most popular summer programs on both NBC (America’s Got Talent) and Fox (So You Think You Can Dance).

via  Broadcasting & Cable.

For some background here are the aggregate average viewership numbers from the president’s last 3 prime-time news conferences:

Feb: 9: 49.5 million
March 24: 40.4 million
April 29: 28.8 million

Here is the creator of Better Off Ted’s response to being bumped off of the schedule by the press conference in April.

This press conference, being in mid-summer, is likely to cost the broadcasters a lot less than the $21.5 million ad revenue estimated for the April one.

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