In the wave of Leno-pocalypse stories, comes this charming fantasy about the revival of 10pm dramas from the LA Times.

[…] the glorious news that the 10 o’clock hour will once again be back in the hands of writers, directors and actors, not to mention all the ancillary crew involved in hourlong drama. There’s a reason dramas are more expensive to produce than the Leno show — they employ more people. Which NBC seems to have forgotten is a good thing, helpful, you know, to the local economy.


As Robert pointed out yesterday, successful 10pm broadcast dramas launched in the recent past are few and far between. I don’t see this episode changing that trend.

It will be very interesting to see how many hours of unscripted programming is announced for the five big English broadcasters in 2010-11 compared to this season. It wouldn’t surprise me at all, even minus The Jay Leno Show, if the number doesn’t change at all.

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