Chuck vs. The Truth

Sci Fi Wire (will they reallly be changing this to SyFy Wire in a month or so?!) posted an interview with Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak.  Fedak and crew are brainstorming on ways to handle the long time Chuck will have been off the air by the time it is scheduled to return in March.

The creators of NBC’s Chuck aren’t about to let the audience forget about the show during its long hiatus until midseason—they’re planning some kind of Web presence, said Chuck executive producer and co-creator Chris Fedak.

“We’re talking to NBC now about what is going to be the super-clever idea to kind of bridge that time. It is going to be something on the Internet to keep fan awareness alive and remind people about the show,” Fedak told SCI FI Wire in an exclusive phone interview.

Fedak added that Chuck, which was picked up for midseason by NBC, may appear sooner than the expected March 2010.

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