To say that TV by the Numbers will miss Chuck is a gigantic understatment. The show premiered less than a month after we started the site in 2007, and has been better to us in terms of traffic than any other individual show, bar none. Other shows with legions of Internet website pummeling fans will certainly come and go in the future, but like many firsts, we’ll always remember Chuck.

Chuck’s fifth season which begins Friday night has already been announced as its final one. Will it go out with a whimper? or a bang? It’s time to make a guess.

For a little handicapping assistance, the Chuck premiere in September, 2010 had a 2.1 adults 18-49 rating, and its May, 2011 finale had a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating (both on Monday). And if the Cardinals win World Series Game 6 tonight, the Chuck premiere will be going head to head with the first World Series Game 7 in nine years. The potential headline? Chuck vs. The World Series. Update: Those of you who waited to guess have a bit of an edge, since Friday night it’ll be Chuck vs. Game 7.

The “Guess the Grimm premiere ratings” post will come tomorrow. Chuck gets its own post, a day early 😉

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