My first reaction on reading this was: Noooooooooo!

That was pretty much my second, third and fourth reaction, too.   By SCI FI Wire reports that during a Glee-themed week of musical programming in May, there will be a musical episode of Fringe.    According to the report the musical numbers will represent a hallucination by Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble).

“None of us ever thought that it was really going to happen,” said musically trained co-star Jasika Nicole, who plays loyal FBI agent Astrid Farnsworth, in an interview on the show’s set in Vancouver, Canada, last week. “It was just a joke. We were like, ‘Oh, yeah, Fringe should be a musical.’ Dancing and singing and goofing off and stuff. And then John says, ‘So. you know, there’s going to be a musical episode,’ and I was like, ‘Ha, ha, John,’ and he was like, ‘No, really, have you read the script?'”

I don’t mind musicals, and if, on its own the shows producers had decided, “Hey, you know, I musical episode of Fringe would be funny,” it wouldn’t really bother me.  I’d still think it was nuts, but that’s different than having gimmickry crammed down your throats by the network suits.

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