Startling public honesty from the CW’s Dawn Ostroff in an interview with The Live Feed:

THR: OK, but is there anything that can be done to give [Gossip Girl & 90210] even better ratings next year?

Ostroff: We haven’t gotten into the conversations with the producers about what next year’s shows are going to be. But I do think as more and more people are migrating to their DVR and streaming shows, I think it’s going to be harder and harder to envision our Nielsen numbers going up.

I think that’s the most surprising thing I’ve read from a network head in a public forum in the 2+ years we’ve been doing this site. It’s one thing to think that, it’s another thing to say it.

Contrast that with ABC’s Steve McPherson who says precisely nothing, as is typical of these kinds of interviews.

Robert’s already done other posts on the other Fox and NBC interviews and I’ll let him do what he will for the CW & ABC interviews as well.

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