Regular readers already knew that the renewal prospects for Life Unexpected were much better than the non-existent prospects for Melrose Place, but a little executive confirmation never hurts:

Ostroff tells us, “Creatively, Life Unexpected is in a great place, and it’s doing well. It had a really good night last night, and we’ve been airing it twice a week, and we get as many viewers sometimes on the second run as we do on the first run—it’s not duplicated viewers, it’s new viewers. LUX is actually doing quite well for us. We’re very proud of the show.” So come on, Ostroff, tell us true: What are Life Unexpected‘s chances at renewal? “I would say it’s got a real shot at this point.” Whoo-hoo!

Via E! Online’s Watch With Kristin

Translation:”it’s still on the bubble,” but that’s much better than “We hope it picks up steam, we’re going to air the episodes straight through, and we hope the audience responds,” which is basically what she had to say about Melrose Place in the same story.

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