No new shows this hour, but the schedule is more interesting than last fall due to the addition of Undercover Boss which joins Desperate Housewives, the Family Guy/American Dad combo and Sunday Night Football.

Sunday Nights 9pm-10pm:

SUNDAY 9:00p 9:30p
Desperate Housewives
Undercover Boss
Family Guy American Dad
Sunday Night Football Sunday Night Football

Who’ll Win? Last fall the pecking order was Sunday Night Football (naturally) with Desperate Housewives in second, followed by the Family Guy/American Dad combination with CBS in a distant fourth place.  No matter what you predict for Undercover Boss, you’ll surely consider it an upgrade to Three Rivers

Sunday Night Football will still carry the hour, but the fight for second place with adults 18-49 looks to be very competitive.

You can find all the previous hour-by-hour coverage here.

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