Haters of procedurals are having a bad week!    Barring a Thursday miracle, House seems destined to be the week’s most-watched show with adults 18-49 outside of Sunday Night Football.  And NCIS seems a lock to be the most-watched show outside of football.

There are two notable things (for me) about these shows:

  • They both are in very heavy rotation on USA Network and both had increases for their premieres this season versus last season.
  • Neither of the premiere episodes followed their standard procedural formula in terms of the content.

Next week, I fully expect they both go back to the formula but at least for the week, I really liked that neither followed the formula.  If the ratings success continues in the coming weeks, I’ll  see if I can get FOX and CBS to go on record about how the  heavy rotation on USA Network plays in. Or if someone beats me to that, I’ll point you to it.

Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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