Michael Ausiello  reports that ABC has temporarily halted production on freshman series  FlashForward (and others like The Wrap confirm the shutdown).    Ausiello is quick to note the recent  departure of showrunner Marc Guggenheim as well as new series lows with the ratings, but ABC is quick to note that the show’s production schedule was designed to accommodate such breaks.

I wouldn’t read anything much into a break like this, especially around Thanksgiving, but I also worry that all the king’s horses and all the production shutdown retooling won’t be able to put FlashForward’s ratings back together again.

This news comes on the heels of last night’s announcement that production on Cougar Town had been shut down temporarily while Courtney Cox attended to some personal matters (that appear to be resolving quickly).  While production was halted last Friday, the plans called for the show to be on hiatus this week anyway.

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