Bill has a write-up on how the fall Tuesday broadcast lineup competition could shake out.  I’m sure he will be plowing through the other nights in short order.

One thing to consider though is FOX will not be focusing so much on the 18-49 demographic with its Tuesday and Wednesday lineups  this fall.  Tuesdays will be So You Think You Can Dance from 8p-10p and  Wednesdays will be So You Think You Can Dance and Glee.  Instead, with these shows, FOX will be looking to fair well with adults 18-34, and particularly women 18-34.

I know it sounds a bit CW-ish, but don’t look for FOX to completely turn its back on the broader 18-49 demographic or, for that matter, men.  But also don’t look for FOX to freak out and consider its schedule a failure if it’s not #1 or #2 with adults 18-49 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this fall.

However, if FOX isn’t #1 or #2 with adults 18-34 and faring particularly well with women in that age range, I’d expect the network to be disappointed with the results.

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