THR’s James Hibberd has a long interview with Fox honcho Kevin Reilly.

Among a wide range of topics, he spoke on the prospects for Human Target, Lie To Me and Fringe.  I didn’t get a good feeling about Human Target’s prospects, and his comments on Lie To Me left room for interpretation.  My feeling about Fringe’s prospects definitely worsened as a result of Reilly’s comments.

He thinks Human Target will take a hit with Daylight Savings Time, doesn’t think the story is going to be about the numbers and says that even though (basically) that it is under performing in the numbers they might somehow see it as an overperformer they’d like to bring back.  Huh?

His comments about Lie To Me were not clear.  There are 11 episodes left to air, and they expect to pair it with something that will run in the summer and he sees it being a player next fall.  But it wasn’t crystal clear if that was with some of the 11 episodes left or a new order.   On Fringe his comments made my eyes widen:

THR: Scripted block on Thursdays, here to stay?
Reilly: Yes, absolutely. I’m really looking at the back half of the year when we’ll bring the combo back on again. “Bones” hit highs in January. People haven’t abandoned “Fringe”; it’s just the only scripted four-way race, and frankly we’ve heard from fans it’s not they don’t want to watch it anymore, it just may have moved to their second choice; they’re picking it up on their DVRs or Hulu. When there’s wiggle room in time period, they come back.

I nominate “It’s not that they don’t want to watch it anymore, it’s just second choice” for the next generation of fan excuse bingo!  Translation: I didn’t read those comments as positive for Fringe’s prospects.  Read the full interview.

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