Friday Night Lights, the “saved by DirecTV’s checkbook” show, returns tonight in its Season 4 “premiere” on NBC (although it already aired its 13 episode season for subscribers on DirecTV between Oct ’09 – Feb ’10).

The show has now inspired other groups of desperate fans to include DirecTV in their “save our show” pleas. If they’d save FNL, surely they’d save our show! I’m sure DirecTV appreciates your cards and letters. Keep ’em coming!

NBC moved the FNL season premiere all the way back to May 7. It may be cheap for them, but it seems even in the ratings pit they’ve dug for themselves this season, they wanted as little FNL during the regular broadcast season as possible (there are less than 3 weeks left).

While its ratings on NBC matter not one bit to the show’s future (its next (fifth) season will be its last), they must matter at least a little to NBC.

Last season on NBC Friday Night Lights averaged a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating, how do you think it will do this season?

I’m also testing out new poll software on the site, we’ll see how it goes.

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