Glee has the highest percentage of upscale viewers (18-to-49 viewers in $100,000-plus homes) among shows in broadcast primetime among the top 4 networks. Community and Parks and Recreation are marginally rated shows that may have enhanced future prospects because of their upscale viewership.

The ratings in the first list below are the average percentage of adults 18-49 in homes with household incomes over $100,000 viewing each show. In general, the top shows with upscale viewers tend to be the same as the top shows with all 18-49 viewers. However, the second list, which has the shows with the relatively highest Index of upscale viewers, has a few interesting members that aren’t typically in the top 25 shows for adults 18-49 (Glee, 30 Rock, 60 Minutes, Community, Brothers & Sisters, Parks & Recreation).

While we don’t see enough information like this on an ongoing basis to use it in our prediction of likely show futures, I think it’s quite reasonable to expect that having a relatively upscale viewership enhances the future prospects of marginally rated shows like Community and Parks and Recreation.

Highest-Rated Upscale Series

“Grey’s Anatomy” (9.5), ABC

“House” (7.8), Fox

“The Office” (7.6), NBC

“Sunday Night Football” (7.5), NBC

“Big Bang Theory” (7.2), CBS

“Desperate Housewives” (6.7), ABC

“Private Practice” (6.2), ABC

“Glee” (6.0), Fox

Two and a Half Men” (5.9), CBS

“30 Rock” (5.4), NBC

Upscale Series with Highest Indexes

“Glee” (146), Fox

“30 Rock” (142), NBC

“The Office” (139), NBC

“Community” (131), NBC

“60 Minutes” (129), CBS

“Grey’s Anatomy” (129), ABC

“Brothers & Sisters” (127), ABC

“Private Practice” (126), ABC

“How I Met Your Mother” (124), CBS

“Parks & Recreation” (122), NBC

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