We won’t have to wait much longer to find out officially, but the speculation on how CBS will sandwich its six sitcoms,  Will the Big Bang Theory move back to 8pm?  Will How I Met Your Mother move to Wednesdays?

How to program newcomers  Shat My Dad Says and Mike and Molly?   Perhaps a nice problem for CBS to have, but I don’t envy the programmers.  Sure, it can use Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory to bolster the newcomers, but it is messing with a winning recipe in the process.

I’m still partial to nuking the Wednesday block altogether and time sharing the six (including Rules of Engagement) Mondays, but that doesn’t seem likely.

I looked at doing the schedule a lot of ways. I didn’t love any of them, including this one:


8p: Shat My Dad Says

8:30:  Two and a Half Men

9:00: Big Bang Theory

9:30: Mike and Molly


8p: How I Met Your Mother

8:30p Rules of Engagement.

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