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Yesterday Robert posted about NBC perhaps wavering in it’s “managing for margins” focus, and an article in the WaPo, Lisa de Moraes weighed in on the same topic (and quoted the same piece from The Wrap):

“The goal is not to manage for margins. It is to put the best possible programs we can on the air,” Gaspin said in Thursday’s blockbuster announcement in an interview with Web site the Wrap.

Is NBC really changing its tune? or is this just talk meant to deflect some of the withering press criticism?

Let’s look at NBC’s actions instead of its words.

Managing For Margins

  • Mr. Jeff “Managing For Margins” Zucker is still in charge of NBC Universal (and Gaspin’s boss)
  • Biggest Loser spin-off deal signed. Although, considering how relatively well BL does this might also be managing for ratings!

Managing For Ratings

  • Recent deal with JJ Abrams (Lost)
  • Recent deal with Jerry Bruckheimer (CSIs)


  • Cancellation of Southland. Widely viewed by the TV press as margin management, I think that’s just PR from the producer to cover the fact that the show had lousy ratings and should have been axed last spring.

Bottom Line: It’s way too early to tell which way the wind is really blowing at NBC.

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