Nellie Andreeva has an piece in today with a new hitch in the renewal travails for NBC’s Law & Order. Law & Order’s ratings have definitely been below the level for which renewal by NBC would be expected, but remarks earlier this season by NBC’s Angela Bromstad (which Andreeva quotes) had lead me to believe the show was coming back even with its poor ratings.

TNT, which has licensed L&O for off broadcast syndication for quite some time, has some negotiating leverage because of its contract terms, and it seems to me that TNT is using that leverage to try and give its license fees a haircut via a little public negotiation.

Being able to offset some of the cost with TNT’s license fee is considered a key part of the Peacock’s decision whether to go for Season 21. That gives TNT a great amount of leverage, and the network has been taking its time committing.


As Andreeva notes, L&O is a very important part of the TNT line up, and I’d expect that this all gets sorted out, but likely for a deal that tilts a bit better for TNT.

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