The TV media is awash with  “Katie Couric is leaving the CBS Evening News” chatter, as it has been on and off for quite some time.

The news swirling around the process has me wondering whether she’s doing it for love or for money?

I don’t have any inside information, but my reading of the conventional wisdom breaks things down like this:

It’s for Love!

  • Katie’s happy, she’s chatty, and primetime news anchoring just isn’t her kind of gig. She’s temperamentally much better suited to a talk show of some kind.
  • A syndicated show would be a lot more flexible of a lifestyle than her last two Monday-Friday jobs (Today Show, Evening News)

It’s for Money!

  • CBS famously paid Katie $15 million over five years to jump from Today to the Evening News. It’s very clear from the rumored “non celebrity” replacements for Couric they’re not prepared to pay anything remotely like that in the future.
  • The earning potential from a successful syndicated show is vast, ask Oprah. Particularly so for someone with the upfront bargaining power like Couric.

What’s your guess?

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