In what is an obvious “Ya think?” moment, Michael Green the creator of the show admits that the ratings killed Kings and once it got moved to Saturday it was already dead. Although his note about the cost of the show being lowered to something comparable to other dramas by the NY state tax credit is interesting.

— To those who thought Saturday nights was a terrible time slot, you are correct. That move was the first step of cancellation. Once that decision was made, no attempts would be made to “save” or promote the show in any way. It was already over then.

— The reasons for its cancellation were nothing more than the low ratings.

— Some have speculated that the cost of the show was prohibitive. While it is true that the episode budget was high for a first season show, that number was reduced by the outstanding aggregate 30% tax benefit New York provided (which we all hope will remain in effect), thus bringing the cost down to rates comparable to other prime time dramas. And, of course, plans were already made to bring the costs down to whatever number the studio required of us in the future.

much more where that came from at  Court Historian.

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