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Miami Medical had the best CBS ratings of the night.  But was it a good premiere?  Does this spell bad news for Numb3rs?

Dean L, Kansas City

I received a couple of other e-mails along similar lines.   Let me deal with the Numb3rs piece first.

What’s it mean for Numb3rs?

My guess: nothing.

I never thought Miami Medical’s ratings were going to mean much of anything for Numb3rsMiami Medical would’ve had to have premiered to excellent numbers or horrible numbers for CBS to even think about it in the context of Numb3rs.

The biggest issue for Numb3rs is probably that it is an older series and that older series are more expensive to produce.  On a Friday, when 18-49 eyeballs are increasingly harder to come by anyway, with Numb3rs‘ 18-49 ratings diminishing,  more expensive just isn’t isn’t a good ingredient to add to the recipe.

Was it a good premiere for Miami Medical?

That’s a harder call and depends on the context.  In the context of a new series premiere, the 7.54 million viewers and 1.6 adults 18-49 don’t strike me as particularly good.  Remember that at least in recent history the premiere numbers are usually a show’s best numbers.

But in the context of last night, it’s a bit different. Viewing was down in general and the number of adults 18-49 watching TV were down from the previous week, too. That makes any analysis a little trickier.    With its lead-ins Ghost Whisperer and Medium down to the levels of season (series?) lows for original episodes, for Miami Medical to score a 1.6 and 7.5 million viewers was at least a victory versus anything else on Friday night (though it tied w/Dateline in the 10pm hour with adults 18-49).

Bottom line: I’d predict Ghost Whisperer and Medium to bounce back next week and for Miami Medical to fall.  Even if that happens, I don’t think it will make a difference either way for Numb3rs.

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