Somehow I missed the announcement about it being National Bubble Show Day Week.  Of course, around here at least from September through May almost every day is a reason to celebrate bubble shows — shows not highly rated enough to know for sure they will be renewed or lowly rated enough to be sure they will be canceled.

On Thursday afternoon several outlets did articles on prospects for bubble shows.  On Sunday, Michael Ausiello jumped into the fray with his Renewal Scorecard.  For all the eye-rolls we cast in Mr. Ausiello’s direction for questionable use of the word “Exclusive”, his scorecard is comprehensive and includes all shows, not just bubble shows.  I also like his designations of “A Sure Thing,” “A Safe Bet,” “Could Go Either Way,” and “A Long Shot.”

Now Monday is here and our friends at the New York Post join the fray with Which TV shows are on the brink of getting axed? (Chuck and Fringe fans, prepare to wring your hands!)

Here’s the crazy thing, the author of that article, Maxine Shen, called me last week to discuss an article she was doing on, of all things, Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush.   Programming on the cable kids networks is not exactly my forte, but I helped as much as I could.  But then on a story about which shows are on the brink of extinction, right in our wheelhouse, no love at all!

In case you missed the posts from the first day of National Bubble Week: Josef Adalian at The Wrap,  James Hibberd at  The The Hollywood Reporter and Michael Schneider at Variety all weighed in on the fate of marginal and low-rated shows on Thursday.

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