Who’d have thought that NBC could screw over Conan O’Brien and suck up to their local affiliates at the very same time, twice!

The first time, of course, was the now storied Lenopocalypse, when NBC overturned their primetime schedule mid-season (and booted Conan out of the Tonight Show) to calm the affiliates who could have threatened to derail the Comcast acquisition.

With the now released NBC Fall 2010 schedule, NBC just planted another big, fat, expensive* smooch on its local affiliates by going with scripted shows from Monday through Friday at 10pm. The conventional wisdom was they’d do it Monday-Thursday, adding Friday too is a surprise.

How’d they screw over Conan? His Conaco is one of the producers of Outlaw, the new scripted drama to be the sacrificial lamb offered at 10pm Friday.

Can’t wait to see if they go for the trifecta!

*The fact that Universal Media (NBCU) is the other producer makes it even more expensive!

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