At least according to the Jeff Zucker math.  Zucker is on the record that if The Jay Leno Show averages a 1.8 with adults 18-49 that it will be a home run for NBC.  So last night’s 1.7 adults 18-49 rating on one of the toughest nights of the week against premieres of Grey’s Anatomy and The Mentalist has to be a triple.  And things potentially could imrpove for Leno next week when it faces what will be its regular ABC competition, Private Practice rather than Grey’s Anatomy.

I know there are some people who just want NBC and The Jay Leno Show to fail no matter what.   And there’s a lot of angst behind it with some people who take it to the lengths that most of NBC’s primetime woes can be blamed on Leno!

I don’t know about that since NBC’s primetime woes are part of what led NBC to go the Leno route in the first place.  NBC, and The Jay Leno Show may yet fail, but for now  The Jay Leno Show seems like the least of NBC’s worries in primetime.  Though, over time, the impact of the The Jay Leno Show on Conan and The Tonight Show might indeed be worrisome.

Time will tell…

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