Deadline Hollywood reports that  Netflix has “had conversations with The River producer ABC Studios about” saving the sure-to-be-cancelled show. The story does disclaim that the conversations are merely exploratory but as with other stories of this ilk, that could merely mean “they didn’t laugh and hang up when I brought up the topic.”  With Netflix in the content game and having cash to spend there will no doubt be more of these stories, but goodness, why would they pick up The River?

Deadline notes that heavily serialized shows work well with services like Netflix, and that’s true.  Deadline also persists that the percentage increase due to DVR viewing is a reason Netflix should consider saving canceled broadcast shows and that’s nonsensical. That’s not a metric that should be considered much in terms of picking up a show, that’s something that inevitably happens with all low-rated scripted shows. By that metric, Netflix should save The Firm, it increased a whopping 100% over its live plus same day DVR viewing when a full week was added in the most recent Live+7 ratings available.

I guess it’s time to resurrect the “DirecTV Save Our Show Top 10” as “Netflix Save Our Show Top 10.”  After saving Friday Night Lights and Damages, DirecTV said it was out of the “save a low-rated show” business.  I’m not sure The River would make the top 10.


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