I don’t write this often about Variety, but tonight’s thoughtful piece in Variety about some of the TV business “topics” for the new season is well worth reading.

Here are the hot topics, but click through to the original for lots more:

  • Leno’s ratings average between October 15-November 15 will be the real test. (I actually think we need to see how he does vs. repeats *after* that period as well)
  • If new Peacock laffer “Community” continues to perform strongly behind “The Office,” will NBC want to move the show down to 8 p.m. (as it’s currently planning to do next month, when “30 Rock” slides into that slot)?
  • Will big marketing and even bigger critical acclaim pay off for the Alphabet net (ABC), particularly for FlashForward?
  • Will “Glee” become the first frosh show of the season to get a back-nine order (something that could happen as soon as this week)? And is Fox on tap to pull off its most competitive fall performance yet?
  • Will CBS’ scheduling shifts turn hits “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Mentalist” into primetime’s next megahits?
  • Are the early disappointing numbers for the CW’s “Melrose Place” a sign that viewers have tired of remakes? Or a sign that Dub auds felt burned from last year’s uneven “90210” — and weren’t all that familiar with “Melrose Place” anyway?
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