The new broadcast season begins! Lots going on tonight with the kickoff of the fall TV season tonight. There will be more than the casual summertime ratings-junkie interest in the season/series premieres of Dancing with the Stars, Castle, How I Met Your Mother, Two Broke Girls and The Playboy Club, but I’m guessing most of the focus (and probably most of the ratings) will be on how Two and a Half Men premieres with Ashton Kutcher and without Charlie Sheen. Everyone and their mother predicts there will be big tune-in for Ashton Kutcher’s debut, but CBS chief Les Moonves has floated the idea that the Two and a Half Men premiere could rival last year’s primetime AFC Championship (update: this comment was made in terms of ad rates, not viewers).  Moonves’ comments led some in the media to speculate the actual ratings could go higher than the AFC Championship. That’s pretty out there. While there’s not much doubt “Men” will score its best primetime ratings in a while, there’s no chance that it will average more than 50 million viewers as the AFC Championship game did.  Or is there?

Is the speculation “high” or are we just scoffing scoffers? I’m resurrecting a slightly edited version of the poll Bill created in June.

Of course, in the crazy world we live in there might be more interest with our readers about how the premiere of The Playboy Club does, so here’s a poll. I’m not making it very granular, but feel free to submit your more precise guesses in the comments.

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