I got some e-mails chiding me for not featuring NBC’s Outlaw in Friday’s overnight rating post.  The general tone was “blah, blah Smallville, blah, blah Supernatural.  You wrote about those shows in two separate posts!  Outlaw got the same 1.0 adults 18-49 rating as those shows and with production already being stopped is on the brink of cancellation!  How does that not make the headline!?”

Guilty as charged.  I’d blame it on distracting issues with data this morning but the truth is something else. Since its first Friday airing I already considered it a foregone conclusion that Outlaw would be cancelled, the only question was when.  There are still four episodes after last night’s episode and even if it had jumped up to a 1.2 rating with adults 18-49, it didn’t seem likely to me NBC was going to restart production.

How Soon Will NBC Yank It?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see it air for the next two Fridays (though I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t).   November sweeps starts on October 28, so barring a miracle, I’d expect two hours of Dateline on Fridays from 9p-11p beginning by October 29.  If the over/under is “two more episodes aired of Outlaw” I’ll take the coward’s route and push.  My guess is it will get exactly two more episodes.

What About CONAN!?

For those chiding me for not bringing up the “NBC is screwing Conan again!” angle since Conan’s production company produces Outlaw…  That’s a fun angle that makes for a good tweet on Twitter, but NBC would’ve rather seen a 1.7 rating with adults 18-49 and at least get a full season out of the show Conan or not.  Networks don’t root for shows to fail, but I know some can’t help but imagine NBC execs rooting for Outlaw to fail just because of Conan.

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