If nothing else hopefully this will serve as a curse of sorts, and I’ll be wrong, but CBS will immediately notify us of that ending any  further speculation about what is airing after the Super Bowl.

Will CBS Introduce More People to the Scheming Russell?

My prediction is it will be Survivor.  Part of the rationale for that prediction is that CBS hasn’t announced what the show is yet.  Indeed, CBS hasn’t even announced its mid-season schedule yet and I was told it was very likely the announcement of the post Super Bowl slot would come a bit after the mid-season schedule is announced and perhaps as late as early January.  The Super Bowl isn’t until February 7, so on the one hand, there’s no huge hurry.  On the other hand if they are looking for anything with a Super Bowl theme from scripted offerings, they need to let the show know in advance.

NO! NO! NO! CBS Should Air The Big Bang Theory After The Super Bowl!

I know a lot of people want to see The Big Bang Theory air post-Super Bowl.  That wouldn’t bother me at all.  But with each passing day that seems less likely to me.   First, CBS will want an hour episode of whatever it is airing after the Super Bowl.  They could order up a special one hour Super Bowl-themed Bang, but they’d kind of have to do that very soon.  Or they could go with 30 minutes of The Big Bang Theory and 30 minutes of Two and a Half Men, but then CBS is in the realm of promoting its two highest-rated (adults 18-49) shows.  CBS might rather promote a.) something that isn’t owned by Warner Bros and b.) something that isn’t already its highest-rated show.  Plus, again, they’d need to notify the shows very soon if they want to have Super Bowl themed episodes.

Other Possibilities

Some have suggested The Mentalist, but I don’t see that either (it’s also Warner Bros) and I can’t see them giving heavy promotion to a 10pm show.

CBS could of course air NCIS or NCIS: Los Angeles, but those shows really don’t need the promotion and  if I’m CBS, I probably wouldn’t waste the slot promoting something that competes with American Idol.

So I think CBS will give up a little bit of coin (an hour of The Big Bang  Theory would likely generate better advertising rates, especially with its younger skew) and promote the 20th season All-Star edition of Survivor.


Someone e-mailed me that CBS would air The Good Wife after the Super Bowl.   I’d have to go back and look and see if it was the same guy who sent us like 47 fall schedule variations last spring, none of which included 48 Hours Mystery on Saturday.

Sometimes I don’t know where people come up with this stuff.  The Good Wife is a CBS-owned show with ratings NBC would love to have,  but on CBS it is a below-average performer.   CBS might be willing to give up a little bit of money by not airing its highest rated show, but it’s not going to be willing to air a below-average performer.

Survivor 20: All Stars

I wouldn’t be greatly surprised to see one or more of the 9pm Monday comedy block, or an NCIS, but I’m sticking with Survivor for my prediction unless two seconds after I post this CBS announces that it’s not Survivor!

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