By now many of you are aware that CBS yanked Same Name off the schedule with two episodes left to air and that it will be replaced by repeats of The Good Wife. Same Name’s ratings weren’t great, but the 1.5 adults 18-49 rating it scored last Sunday will probably be 50% or more better than what The Good Wife repeat will score Sunday night.

This looks like CBS is just trying to acclimate folks to the fact that The Good Wife will be airing Sundays at 9pm when its third season begins on September 25. Also, while there might not be a huge crossover between Big Brother’s and The Good Wife’s audience, there are quite a few adults 18-49 watching Big Brother on Sunday night, so CBS might be looking to take as much advantage of that as it can in terms of promoting The Good Wife. Since Same Name’s ratings weren’t very good, even if when The Good Wife repeats do much worse, I can’t fault CBS for thinking “what the heck, might as well promote TGW a little.”

CBS is sure to use the two remaining episodes of Same Name at some point and I won’t be too surprised if they are used to replace poor performing repeats of The Good Wife!

note:  the Jets/Bengals game is running on CBS in the New York market Sunday night which will  inflate the 9pm results for ‘The Good Wife’ in the preliminary Fast National ratings at least a little.

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