Thomas Calabro, who plays Dr. Michael Mancini tells E! Online he thinks the show will be back.

“Here’s what’s going on with that: We’re coming back,” Calabro tells us. “Right now, we’re airing our first five or six episodes internationally, and I think the show’s a big international hit. That’s enough to bring a show back.

The original Melrose Place struggled at first, too, and it ended up being a hit for seven seasons,” Calabro continued. “We ended up being a defining mark of the ’90s, and I don’t see any reason why that can’t happen again.”

Ah, international to the rescue.  It’s not happening.  Even if Mr. Calabro doesn’t see any reason why it can’t happen again,  things are very different in 2010 than 1992.  CW in 2010 is teeny tiny compared to FOX in 1992.  And Melrose Place is CW’s worst-rated scripted show.

Unlike Life Unexpected, which is on the bubble, and One Tree Hill which still seems likely be renewed, Melrose Place won’t be coming back despite limited international appeal that would have Mr. Calabro declare it a “hit.”

Melrose Place has no chance at renewal unless CBS chief Les Moonves decides to dump his wife  and woo Katie Cassidy.

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