EW’s Michael Ausiello is all about kissing up to Hollywood and tossing desperate fans what they want to read, but today’s post pushes the envelope.

Has news of Eastwick’s cancellation left you wanting to saw the president of ABC in half? You’re not alone. “I’m pretty furious, too,” vents executive producer Maggie Friedman. “We have such an amazing group of writers and actors — best people I’ve ever worked with. None of us can believe this is really happening.”

Adding insult to injury, the network pulled the plug so abruptly that Friedman won’t have a chance to tweak the 13th episode to give fans any of that magical closure stuff. “We’re smack in the middle of several insanely juicy stories,” Friedman sighs. “And so we do not get a chance to wrap things up in a bow. Which is killing me.”

via Ausiello @ EW.com.

A producer is furious that her show was cancelled? Stop the presses!

And “the network pulled the plug so abruptly”? C’mon. They got all 13 episodes produced that were ordered, and complaining they don’t get to wrap things up, begs the point that the only way to have been able to do that is if the show had been canceled before they were done.

Of course, that would have allowed an Ausiello “Producer Mad Eastwick Was Canceled Too Early” post. Smooch!

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