Amid the sloppy kisses being given by the media to CBS for saving Medium from cancellation at the hands of NBC I noticed (in the process of working on another post), that Medium’s 2.0 adults 18-49 ratings average after 4 episodes this season, is the same as The Ex-List’s was last season after 3 episodes (but through the comparable week of the season).

While the fact that CBS produces Medium (vs. Fox for The Ex-List) means it financially benefits from more than just the advertising revenue for the show’s continuation, let’s dismiss the idea that picking up Medium has been some sort of ratings coup for CBS.

Edit/Update: While it is 100% true that Medium has done no better than The Ex-List up to this point last season, the fact that Ghost Whisperer is down 19% vs. last season puts this in a very different light.

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