I the latest instance of crazy and futile fan “Save Our Show” campaigns, this time for Fox’s Terra Nova, comes one with an extra crazy twist.

It’s being suggested by one of the stars of the show!

via airlock alpha:

O’Mara, who plays sheriff Jim Shannon, is encouraging fans of the show to demonstrate their support for “Terra Nova” by sending in plastic toy dinosaurs to the people at Fox.

I’m sure Kevin Reilly’s gonna love that. What a better way to endear yourself to one of the folks making the ultimate decision than to suggest people send him plastic junk!

Terra Nova may still be renewed for a second season. I‘ve got it rated as a “toss up”, and Robert’s got it on the bubble. That means that neither renewal or cancellation would surprise us.

No matter what happens, it won’t have anything to do with plastic dinosaurs, online petitions, Facebook pages, Twitter campaigns or any other fan SoS nonsense.

But be certain that if Terra Nova is renewed, that the crazy fans will think it did!

Update: I’m not sure how it could be construed that way, but I don’t believe fans of the show are crazy, just the fans who think sending plastic dinosaurs (or other such SoS efforts) will matter in the renewal decision are crazy.

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