Some twitter-ers have accused @MaskedScheduler for being a bit douche-y by pimping his cameo in tonight’s season and series finale of The Finder. Is it insensitive to promote an appearance on a show your network wound up cancelling? We don’t really think so, but we’re biased.  Every Saturday after a Fringe original episode, going back to at least sometime in Fringe’s third season, @MaskedScheduler has tweeted out the Fringe numbers as soon as he got them (which was usually at least 15-30 minutes before most people saw them).  We appreciate it.

Sure, The Finder is canceled regardless of tonight’s ratings, and it won’t mean anything, but it will make @MaskedScheduler happy, and that seems like a good enough reason to me.

@MaskedScheduler is the sometimes prickly, often snarky, almost always entertaining alter-ego of Preston Beckman who is the outgoing head of scheduling at the Fox broadcast network.  Beckman is moving on to a strategic role at Fox Networks (which includes cable networks like FX) which, selfishly, we hope will free up time for even more snark from him on Twitter.

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