The CW's Dawn OstroffBowing to what she said was “the reality of the current situation” Chief Dawn Ostroff announced that the network, formerly known as “The CW”, would change its name to “The M-W” effective April 1.

“It’s been rumored for some time that we only care about our shows that air from Monday through Wednesday, so why not make it official?” Ostroff remarked.

As for the other nights of the week, she said “Old movies are the best thing we’ve put on Sunday night in two years, and remind me again, are we still programming Friday nights?”

When asked about the Thursday night shows, Supernatural and Smallville which have been the network’s best performers since late Fall, Ostroff called it “an inconvenient truth”, that she was sure “women 18-34 were hip and stylish enough to overlook.”

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