I got two  sentences into Nellie Andreeva’s story on how The Good Guys is being tweaked for its fall run before chuckling out loud a little bit.

Fox’s buddy cop dramedy The Good Guys will undergo some tweaking before it returns with fresh episodes in the fall. I hear the focus will be on attracting more female viewers.

I mean, c’mon. When it returns with fresh episodes this fall, it will be on Friday night where more viewers of any gender seems an unlikely outcome.   Andreeva notes that in ending the summer run early, there will be 11 episodes available for the Fall.

If they double up a time or two, FOX can theoretically avoid November sweeps completely and still burn them all off before the year ends.  I’m a fan of Matt Nix, but  to say the The Good Guys performed modestly in the summer is to be very generous, and I just can’t see its prospects brightening any on fall Fridays.

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