The “Masked Scheduler” has a fun post up summarizing some of his memories of scheduling theatricals (as opposed to “made for TV” movies) in primetime at both NBC and FOX.   It doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago that those movies were a big deal on the broadcast nets, but those glory days are gone.  Now the networks typically only run them Fridays, Saturdays or during the holidays.

FOX came in third place with Night at the Museum on Friday.

USA VP of Research Ted Linhart (@TedonTV) notes that the movie scheduling strategy is still a big deal for USA (and other cable channels).   While Masked Scheduler fought to get Kindergarten Cop aired more than 5 times,  it seems like  USA has already run National Treasure more than 50 times.

The biggest surprise to me with the movies “Masked” discussed was not only how many of the movies I’d seen (almost all of them) but how many of those movies I saw in a movie theater (almost all of them).  The number of movies I’ve seen at a movie theater in the last year?  One.

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