Every single day I see comments about how dumb Revenge, Beauty and The Beast, Elementary or whatever people are into hating now is the most boring show on television and it seems commenters just can’t agree on what constitutes an interesting program. However, Norwegian public television has unlocked the key to great programming: live-streamed fire! Reuters is reporting that the channel on which this special is to be broadcast (NRK) is expecting higher than usual ratings for the 12-hour prime-time fire special, which will also feature “firewood specialists” adding color commentary and cultural segments with music and poetry.

If you need a little context, in 2011 NRK broadcasted a 134 hour non-stop special featuring a cruise ship going up the Norwegian coast to the Arctic. This special garnered 3.2 million viewers (60% of Norway’s population) at its most-watched point.

Perhaps we here in the US can learn something from this type of programming. What wold you like to see replace the current prime-time lineup? Snow falling? Cats sleeping? People doing the Harlem Shake? Let us know in the comments what prime-time show you think needs to be replaced…and what you would substitute it with!


Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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