zachary_levi has 10 questions with Chuck’s Zachary Levi. Here’s one, click through for the other nine.

1. Congratulations on the show coming back and also being picked up for additional episodes. What’s the feeling like right now?

Zachary Levi: It’s good. When we only had 13 episodes, it felt good then, too. There’s so many things in this business that are outside of your control, and you just have to let go and let God, as they say. Cable does 13 episodes and I think 13 episodes is a great number to do. It allows you to really focus on them and make them all great, as opposed to a lot of times with a 22-episode schedule, you end up with a lot of filler episodes. I’m a Lost guy, I love Lost. There were a lot of episodes where you hope to get a little mythology and you hope to get answers and there’s nothing resolved because they have to stretch it out. If they only had 13 episodes in the season then we’d get to the meat of it more.


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