Ugly Betty

Earlier I posted the ABC schedule for the week of 11/16-11/22.    Attentive Ugly Betty fans noticed that Ugly Betty and Supernanny were not on the schedule for Friday, November 20, instead being replaced by the movie Shrek The 3rd.

Ah, November sweeps.  This doesn’t strike me as terribly different than FOX deciding to air Bones and House repeats rather than Dollhouse during November sweeps.  I know it’s a downer for UB fans to think ABC airing a movie from 2007 will rate better than UB, but given the recent Ugly Betty ratings (a 1.2 preliminary adults 18-49 rating on Friday), you probably can’t blame ABC for trying this, especially less than a week before the Thanksgiving holiday.

It has seemed all along this year that Ugly Betty was brought back and put on Fridays to get more episodes for syndication, so our take, as with pretty much any show, really, has always been enjoy it while it lasts. While anything is possible, moves like this strengthen the opinion that this will be UB’s final season.

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