Some CBS pick-ups are coming through ahead of this week’s upfront announcement, notably Hawaii Five-O (starring CBS fan favorite Alex O’Loughlin as well as Daniel Dae Kim from Lost ) and the Criminal Minds spinoff. CBS has also picked up Blue Bloods (starring Tom Selleck) and Defenders (starring TV by the Numbers favorite Jim Belushi).

While it’s not yet clear whether Blue Bloods and Defenders will air in the fall, and certainly not clear that this is it in terms of CBS’s hour-long scripted pickups, CBS  is going to need to make some room somehow.

Quick thoughts:

-The only one hour drama we’re certain will get canceled that isn’t on a Friday is Cold Case.  Given schedule surprises from FOX and NBC, if not for the expense of an older show, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cold Case move to Fridays (because of the expense, I would be).

-CBS could get an extra hour on Sundays depending how it schedules Undercover Boss

-CBS ordered another two cycles of Survivor, but it only ordered one cycle of Amazing Race, that leaves another hour on Sundays for ~half a season

-CBS could clear another hour by nuking the Wednesday comedy block

-I can’t imagine Criminal Minds and its spinoff not airing together during the first season

-I doubt CBS would stick Hawaii Five-0 on Sunday nights (and there’s no chance of Fridays).  I could see it on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  Monday’s might work too if they want to give it a good lead-in by risking a move of  CSI: Miami.

-Conventional Wisdom is that The Good Wife will move to Fridays, though I could see CBS trying it on Sundays too.  I also could see CSI: NY bouncing to either Sundays or Fridays.  I doubt both shows would move to the same day.

There are numerous possibilities that make some sense, but just to pick one: I’d move The Good Wife to Sunday and CSI: NY to  Friday.  Sunday isn’t quite the death-slot that Friday is, and I’d err on the side of trying to bolster the younger show.

I’d also nuke the Wednesday comedy block. Short of moving one of the Monday 9pm shows to gain a foothold on Wednesdays at 8pm, nothing CBS seems to do work and I can’t see CBS spending a lot of money to market Wednesdays at 8pm.  Outside of Mondays, CBS has much better luck with procedurals.

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