Folks will no doubt have their fan excuse bingo cards out tomorrow morning.  Yes, I know, just because it’s a fan excuse doesn’t mean it isn’t true,  but finger pointing is tricky!  When The Hunger Games came out on March 23, both Supernatural and Fringe were down, but Nikita actually saw an increase with adults 18-49 (Grimm was a repeat that night).  Further, slightly more adults 18-49 were watching TV on Friday, March 23 than Friday, March 16 despite The Hunger Games.

The focus here on the more genre-y shows isn’t to say that a big movie debut can’t hurt the CBS procedural shows or even unscripted like Shark Tank and Undercover Boss, it’s just fans of those shows usually don’t seem as interested in playing fan excuse bingo. Of course with Supernatural, Fringe and Grimm already renewed, those fans might not be as interested in playing along either.

That leaves Nikita. Based on past experience and the “when you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose” factor, I wouldn’t expect Nikita to take the biggest hit, but we’ll know Saturday morning.



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