As predictably as the April showers bring May flowers, May broadcast show cancellations bring cries of hope from desperate fans.

The latest cries echoing around the Internet are that the just canceled by CBS New Adventures of Old Christine and Ghost Whisperer might get picked up by ABC. The sites adept at baiting desperate fans are already at work spinning up their hopes with whispers from show insiders and bland non-committal past statements from ABC’s Steve McPherson “We love her” (Julia Louis-Dreyfus).

What’s the chance of that happening?

History suggests that’s unlikely to happen.

Although Medium was picked up last year by CBS after being canceled by NBC, it was the extremely rare show that was doing better than average ratings for NBC but still canceled (in preparation for the Lenopocalypse).

Ghost Whisperer’s ratings on Friday have sagged, and it’s an old and likely expensive show. New Adventures of Old Christine ratings have been bad for the last two seasons, as CBS renewed low rated shows trying to get a second “comedy block” to stick. CBS finally gave up on it.

The record of recent cast offs being picked up by other broadcast networks is thin, at best.

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