Now that the season has started I’ve gotten a few questions about the absence of the Sunday “Bubble Watch” posts. It isn’t dead, or even missing in action! It’s just on hold and I probably won’t post one before October 30, 2011. Mostly that’s because while the Renew/Cancel Index predicts what would happen now were the season to hypothetically end now, the Bubble Watch attempts to predict what will happen in May when the season actually ends. At least in my mind, there are still a lot of shows on the bubble,and I’d like to see things develop another couple of weeks.

Plus, Once Upon a Time, Chuck and Grimm don’t even premiere until later this month. Yes, I know, it’s easy to predict Chuck will be canceled since that was already announced at the same time as the renewal, but that won’t stop the “look how horrid NBC is doing, don’t you think they will renew Chuck!?” comments.

Sure, there’s little doubt in my mind that come October 30, I’ll have Fringe and Person of Interest as “likely to be canceled by/in May,” (which is what I’d predict if there was a Bubble Watch posted today) and there’s even less doubt that will gin up the typical whiny fanboi  “you’re just posting negative crap to generate traffic!” comments. Nope! I actually think Fringe won’t be back next year and of course almost every single thing we’ve ever posted is an attempt to generate traffic. But the truth is we don’t need the traffic so badly that I can’t wait a few more weeks to reduce the murkiness in the crystal ball.

Look for the Bubble Watch to return on (or before) October 30.

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