At least in public PR interviews, CBS and Warner Brothers are  chummy and happy about the CW and chief Dawn Ostroff. Although were they not, they’d never say it together, on the record, so take this with a large grain of salt.

via Q&A: CBS, Warner Bosses Talk About Their Baby, The CW – TVWeek

TVWeek: Can we assume that Dawn Ostroff will be staying on as president of The CW for the long-term future?

Ms. Tellem: We are really pleased with what Dawn is doing. She has done an extraordinary job of building this network and we support her in all that she has done.

Mr. Rosenblum: I completely agree with Nancy.

TVWeek: You sometimes hear reports of tension between CBS and Warner Bros. over The CW, as well as other issues. True?

Mr. Rosenblum: Honestly there is not a level of tension between any of the executives at CBS and Warner Bros. We have more than 20 years of experiences together, between the four of us, and we have managed at every step of the way to find far, far more common ground than (not). In those handful of instances where there is a minor disagreement, it gets resolved really quickly. But the common belief in building the brand of The CW, building the network together, building content assets that are valuable for both of our companies, far outweighs any separate vision we might have.

Ms. Tellem: You really can’t underestimate a 20-year friendship. That’s quite unusual in this business, but, when we’ve kind of grown up together, whether it be [Warner Bros.’] Barry [Meyer] or Leslie or Bruce or myself, any issues that do come up really are handled on a very different level. And so, I do concur with Bruce. I mean, our priorities are the same, our support of the network, it is totally consistent. And, you know, there will be differences. But I’ve really not encountered anything that we haven’t been able to resolve.

[edit by Seidman: CBS and Warner management are also not inclined to give Sunday nights back to the affiliate stations according to the interview]

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