As Media Post reports, in line with its overall ratings lead among adults 18-49 this season, CBS leads the ratings for adults 18-49 living in homes with incomes over $100,000 with a 3.7 rating. ABC and NBC are tied for second with a 3.6 rating much closer than they are in the regular ratings, and Fox is fourth with a 3.2 rating.

The article also noted which individual shows had higher indexes (concentration of 18-49’s in households with >$100,000 incomes). These Indexes are often used as bingo card excuses by fans of shows with otherwise terrible absolute ratings. While they may help a marginal show, a real ratings loser is not going to be saved.

Here were some >$100,000 indexes mentioned in the article:

  • The Office: 148
  • The Apprentice: 146
  • Glee: 143
  • Modern Family: 142
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