A little over a week ago, Robert dreamt of a network created to produce and air new episodes of cancelled broadcast shows. The name that began being bandied about was The Castoff Network. Now, DirecTV hasn’t gone quite that far (producing new episodes), but they’ve decided to bring 3 shows back and air some of their previously unaired episodes. Can stealing the entire idea behind The Castoff Network be far behind? 😉

DirecTV has dug up three more short-lived series to run on its 101 Network, bringing back episodes of mid-2000s dramas “Smith,” “The Nine” and “Eyes.”

Deal was made with Warner Bros. Domestic TV Distribution to bring back all three shows, which were canceled with additional episodes in the can. That means the DirecTV/101 run will include segs that have never been seen on TV.

Decision to bring back “Smith,” “The Nine” and “Eyes” is similar to its run this year of the short-lived Imagine TV drama “Wonderland.”

And as we’ve been hearing, DirecTV is still considering bringing back Friday Night Lights for one, or perhaps two, more seasons. That’s good news for the fans, because without DirecTV money, the show would be a goner.

In a more extensive deal, DirecTV and the 101 also picked up original episodes of “Friday Night Lights” this season. Talks are ongoing with Universal Media Studios and Imagine TV to bring the show back for another round; among the possibilities are a two-season order of 13 episodes apiece.

via DirecTV mines cancellations  – Variety.

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